Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday pictures....

My awesome wedding photographer graciously took our Holiday pictures for us and i love all of them...heres a peak!

I think we were all kinda squishing him (hehe)

Chads all about the "funny pic" so i had to play along..

Yes were cute!

We wish everyone a great holiday season with lots of family time ,cookies and milk for Santa, shopping (finding deals) yummy food...baking for friends and most of all remembering God's love above all...Merry X-mas friends!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Holidays in the air....

Ash, Antonia and bradley

ASh and Cheri

Happy Holidays everyone...... Man i cant believe its been 2 months since i have posted recently....we been a bit busy....and i've been lazy sorry.. I can smell the Holiday air already and i love it..about half way done with Xmas shopping for the kids, as Chad and I and Dr Kevin Leman (my new favorite christian author) have decided that its no good for kids to get a lot of Christmas presents! Lots of gifts =spoiled bratty children...and we have enough adults around that grew up and are still that way..We are teaching our children to be appreciative of what they have...and learn to give to others less fortunate...because isn't that what Christmas is all about anyways?? A great book I'm reading is Having a better kid by Friday again by Dr Kevin Leman...No i don't have "Bad" kids i have great ones that always need tuning...every child does..they need to know their limits..and I'm loving the instructions that Leman works! Anyways...I hope everyone enjoys the Holiday season that families come together and kids are to be loved and cherished.....cookies to be made and songs to be sung....and snow to be played in ...Let it snow....I'm craving me some snow...(until i get there ha ha )...Here's a few of our holiday pictures for starters...