Monday, April 25, 2011

He is Risen....and we found some eggs....

Kids and Uncle Nate swimming after an intense water balloon flight....

Someone (not mentioning any names) has to always make some sort of weird face...oh and yes bradley loves his under roos... hes bringing sexy back...LOL
6.5 months preg.... it keeps growing....
Can anyone tell me where the egg went?? anyone???

Yes dad we see you and thanks Ash for smiling! Your the best!! ha ha
Such a beauty! I just love this face!!!
um babe??? I think your so pose to be hiding the eggs, i still see them...

just love him...

All in all Easter was amazing.. Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for our Sins.. and rising again so that we can be set free.... I cant wait to see your face , someday...
Easter was split between both families and we had the best of time!! Searching for eggs has to be one of the most exciting games essp when chad puts dog poo next to the eggs, and the kids run up to it with utter excitement till they see whats by it...
never mind....
good belly laughs thats for sure...
The food is always my favorite
(well now a days anyways)
and to top the day off with home videos from when Chad was a little....

I love my family and wouldnt change it for the world
Hope yall had an awesome Easter!

love ,

Thursday, April 7, 2011


So I have about 90 days to go or 12 weeks!
Anxious as a Beeeeeee..
I'm at the point of feeling fat but not super uncomfortable yet... I sleep okay at night , but i waddle when i walk... ive gained extra cushion on my hips and booty, but luckily have spaired any stretch marks.
Thank you Jesus
Im anxious to see him for the first time, to hold him and snuggle him and kiss that sweet face..
to take his picture and watch him sleep...
I waited for you Houston for quite some time now and i cant wait to meet you..
Although you have givin me a few scares, i still want you to bake for another few months, I'm just hoping this time flys by!
Thats not too much to ask eh???
Oh your daddy is anxious too..

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Making it mine

You can say "Im a blog stocker" (only the cute ones tho..) 
One day i came across a awesome blog with a girl that was very talented
I wanted to be like her...
Well have her talent , patience, and creativity..
Luckily to my benefit she posted how she made a beat up looking piece of furniture, look amazing..
step for step...
So i Do what i do best and Hopped on my comp,
to furniture than to Buffet table , nothing that caught my eyes! OH shucks! 
after about a month of looking i found her!! 25.00$ what a steal!!
Look at this beauty!

( This is tame , the WHOLE thing was this Awful BLUE cracked color, no wonder she sold it so cheap)
It took me 2 months to even start to strip it, do to lazyness! OOPS.. but once i start i have to finish... its the 
OCD in me...

So far I have completely stripped the whole dresser and drawers, she is such a beauty on the inside... I have fallen in love with her... i think she thanks me for freeing her of that BLUE hehe..
Heres a pic of what she looked like this morning.. She now has a dark stained top (such a great decision that was) and white primer (not shown in pic) on all drawers and bottom part of dresser, to get ready for her new color...

Doesnt she look amazing?? and completely different? No you cannot buy it from me, its not for sale... hehe
I know know why Shelby (new friend that gave me this courage) sells her re- done stuff for a pretty penny...
So far about 8 hrs on this dresser... if i find another item to re-do it will have no paint LOL.. saves me hair! HA
I will post the pic of her all done when she gets all done , hopefully by friday! 
Stay turned!