Sunday, November 21, 2010

and she meets Jesus...

A very special Grandma met Jesus on Friday night after 25 years of fighting Rheumatoid Arthritis.
She has always been such a special Grandma to me...One of the nicest people i have ever met in my life..
She was a true example of Jesus and she loved him with all her heart...
I know shes rejoicing in Heaven being healed 
and catching up with the loved ones she's been missing all these years...
I love you Grandma and I will truly miss you till we see each other again...
I hope i will be remembered as much as you are being remembered.. I wanna live my life more to be an example of Jesus just like you did..Im so glad you that my mom told you Im gonna have a baby because I wanted you to know ..I think Gods timing couldnt have been more perfect...and if its a girl she will have your middle name in remembrance of what an awesome Grandma you were and how much we truly loved you! 
We will always remember all the awesome memories from you
I love you 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'M thankful for God's Grace..

Do you ever have that moment when you just stop and think about how much you have to be thankful for???

First off i wanna thank Jesus for always loving us, and showing your Grace and Mercy when it was needed the most.For giving us faith , so that we can believe
 and know that we will indeed meet you one day...
 That only true happiness comes from you and knowing that we are made clean from 
your blood on the cross....
for warm days in late November 
for sweet children
for warm choc chip cookies
for new life
for sweet husbands
for the holidays coming
for helping out needy family's
for boutique's 
for new job opportunity's
for xmas songs playing 
setting up xmas  in my house
 and for Christmas spirit!!
I wish everyone a safe and happy Holiday!
Much love
The Towes

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The secret is out!!!


Due: July 11, 2011
current status: 6 weeks along
mood: excited
how is mama feeling: pretty A okayyyy at this very moment..
Cravings: nothing really, but a frosty sounds delish!
First OB appointment : December 2,2010
stay tuned for a pic!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

STretch Marks already

I am thinking Gods playing tricks on me...the sides of my legs have been having this throbbing pain since before i knew the "good news"
thought it was a bit odd but none the less..didnt think much of it..
one of my best friends said, "oh its your skin stretching love" say what??
im only 5 1/2 week strong..Um this doesn't happen so soon! I thought nothing does really...besides what baby is doing at this current has a heart beat now....sigh
SO i happen to see the side of my right leg and yep 4-5 lil stretch marks....
It surly doesn't pay to be skinny!

{I guess when God said he would bring me a baby, he brought all the fun things with it...}

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Exciting Changes

{shhhhhh dont tell}

Sleepy a lot
Sleepless nights
stretching pains (please no stretch marks )
knowing theres a baby in my tummy
December 2nd doc apt
Not too sick .....yet!
shaky if i dont eat (thats a first because I'm not a food lover)
kids kissing baby goodbye

I cant wait for my Doc apt....3 weeeeeeeeeks
and to start feeling you inside me....
such an amazing feeling i must say
God Is Good..

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Today I'm thankful for.....New Beginnings

Today Im thankful for :

Lazy days,
 telling my kids they are getting a brother or sister sometime beginning of July,
(shh its a secret to FACEBOOK if you see this...dont congrad me on their plz)
Their reaction- and how sweet it was,
me crying when i tell them , because all those long months, wanting a baby so bad has finally happened,
Kids playing video games in my bed snuggling against me,
Chad kissing my tummy when ever he leaves,
Sleepless nights already...BOO
not feeling so good, and feeling like i cant get enough to eat...

Im so excited for these next 36 weeks...
Dear Jesus:
Please Keep my baby safe, healthy and protected in this belly of mine
Im already in love with you baby...
i promise to eat yummy food and only have
starbucks a few times !

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I gave it a makeover

While the Hubster has been out i decided the white walls in our bathroom, had seriously got to GO!
SO ..i went to home depot, brought in my hand towel of what color i kinda wanted to match and 
I love it...i wonder if he will notice???

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Time to Be Thankful

As you can see my family has a hard time taking a normal pic...
Wait i think im the only
normal one
(see Chad) LOL
thats exactly why i love him tho-always out to
make me laugh

 My littles + one (Bradleys friend PJ)
 Everyone needs a good hug...
Im Thankful for my family and the time we spend making memories..