Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'M thankful for God's Grace..

Do you ever have that moment when you just stop and think about how much you have to be thankful for???

First off i wanna thank Jesus for always loving us, and showing your Grace and Mercy when it was needed the most.For giving us faith , so that we can believe
 and know that we will indeed meet you one day...
 That only true happiness comes from you and knowing that we are made clean from 
your blood on the cross....
for warm days in late November 
for sweet children
for warm choc chip cookies
for new life
for sweet husbands
for the holidays coming
for helping out needy family's
for boutique's 
for new job opportunity's
for xmas songs playing 
setting up xmas  in my house
 and for Christmas spirit!!
I wish everyone a safe and happy Holiday!
Much love
The Towes

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