Thursday, February 17, 2011


Theres something about "baby kicks" that makes any mama feel so much better..With Bradley i felt kicks at 14 weeks, but he was just 20 months after Ashley came into this world...So i wasnt sure when to expect baby # 3 to start kicking or when i would feel his kicks...since between my youngest and baby they will be 9 years apart. We found out that he was a " boy " at 17 weeks and I finally started feeling him kick just about 18 weeks.. Im now 20 weeks! Half way baby!! He is "Wild",  kicks all the time, lots at night...chad has felt him kick several times, and gets the biggest smile on his face when he does..Bradley my 8 year almost 9 year old felt Houston kick for the first time tonight , and he was just as super excited... I absolutely love feeling his kicks...makes me feel so at ease.. its like hes saying "hey, im alive and doing great" . I'm finally starting to feel pregnant and gaining weight, sheesh its about time..I actually just bought my first pair of maternity jeans today.. new changes for me:
  • weight gain for the first time 
  • baby is wild kicker- maybe a football star (hehe)
  • looking like I'm pregnant and not fat or have extra baby weight with no baby haha
  • branching into maternity clothes...
I am really enjoying this pregnancy, I was blessed with only about a month of crazy sickness and the rest has been fly! I owe it all to Jesus, for never giving up on what you knew i wanted more than anything..another baby! I personally thank you for the many blessing you have giving me in my life.. Even though the trials, Hope Floats!
20 weeks along

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We are so thrilled and super excited we will be adding a lil BOY to the clan! Doc says all looks great! He measures perfect, and starting to gain weight... hes weighs 7oz! WOOP!! 
18 weeks!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Boy or Girl????

The day has come when we find out IF were having a boy or girl....i have mixed feeling and emotions on what were having...for a long time i thought for sure girl but than my crazy pregnancy dreams are telling me different ..Chad said he dreamed boy too , but he really wants a boy so maybe thats why...ha.. My major concern is that baby #3 is healthy, that God protects baby his/ her whole life with good health and baby finally meets Jesus when its old and grey the way we all want to live! Baby is starting to move and kick a lot now, love the feeling..makes me thankful everything is moving along like it should ...Im excited to see baby on the Ultrasound tomorrow, seeing its little heart beating and legs and arms kicking is the sweetest thing to watch...that is deff worth waiting for... So i will deff let ya'll know what God has blessed us with...Either way we are super thrilled and cant wait to meet baby in if these next few months can go by quickly that be super!