Thursday, April 16, 2009

Confessions at its best......

+ sleeping in is my favorite thing to do (good thing my kids are older)

+ i have a severe shopping problem he he.......a new shirt changes my whole mood

+ My kitchen is the only part of my house that has to stay clean

+ i love cats but you prob already know that

+ my kids drive me insane when they are bored, i wanna to run and hide and screem at the top of my lungs but instead i send them out to play......

+ I hate the night time im afraid of the boogie man

+i love pedicures and they have to be painted all the time

+ i text about 3,000 texts a month...chad says its because i have conversations thru texts ha ha well duh! that way they dont hear the kids screeming he he

+ i dont like fast food

+im always cold

+more babies...........sooner than later but not later than sooner !

+ i have trouble sleeping at night.....

+im becoming quite the molly homemaker~i love to cook now

+ i trust to much

+the only thing that interests me at church is the music in the beginning...sorry GOD

+i love date nights

+i write in a journal sometimes...when i remember...

+im super hyper at night right before we go to bed....chads learning to deal with it he he

+i can be very dramatic

+ I love Flowes......all kinds as long as they are BIG and arranged cute.....they make a house feel warm!

+ I have a sweet spot for Jeans and Pictures.......

so for now you get to know me alittle at a its your turn

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Best friends!

wellllllllllll for someone that refused to hold kitty when i first brought him home..they have been best friends ever since...max will pick chad over me anyday....trader! ha so cute!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

He Has Risen......

can you see the kitty in
do you see the ring???oh sorry love it!!

my loves!! we love colored eggs!!!........

mommy loves ROSES look at those colors!!

Easter and Christmas are those special holidays that accually have a meaning behind them.......Easter is so special because Our special Jesus died dor our sins and 3 days later rose from the dead so that we can have eternity as sinners!!! That we can be forgiven! Yes Forgiven we have such an amazing God that when we mess up he is still there will UNCONDITIONAL loving

On the other note we had a wonderful Easter! Chad had to work in the morning as i could nt believe that the gov didnt concider Easter as a paid holiday i mean car dealerships are closed but Gov jobs he was home before i even rose from the dead. Chad gave me my first "WIFE"
card and a gift card to bed bath and beyond as ive been having fun buying stuff for the all the bedding and towels so sweet to me even found me some Easter spent the afternoon with their dad so chad and i had alone chill great......he helped me make deviled eggs for our Easter dinner and Tom and Patty's(chads parents) and we laughed and joked about how fun the honeymoon is going to be.........this sunday (april 19th-28) came home and off to dinner we went.....Easter egg hunts for the kids and time for me and my photography show its touches..... the food was great and we even got to have some Itailian Sodas left over from the wedding yummy love the watermellon ones... than came home and watch celebrity apprentice and off to sleep we went.....Happy Easter everyone hope it was a good one ......lets show Gods love!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Max" the new lil man of our house.........

For along time now I've been wanting to add a new four legged furry ball to our household.....but my husband kept telling me "babe lets wait" but why"? i would ask??? and he was great at making up excuses.....because i come to find out he's not so much a pet person.....although he has said that he would love a bull mastiff...yeah the dogs that are bigger than great danes.....but he's not fond of the lil quiet keep to yourself know how to use the kitty box after being taught only once, playfull loving kittens.....but you know what sometimes you gotta just do it and hope the husband chills after time....Cheri has told me Max will steal chads heart just wait and after that being said we have added a four legged white and grey ball full of fluff to OUR family!! His name is MAX! Yep Max a million and we love him so......he came to me skinny, quiet, not knowing how to use the litter box and dirty.....i cant believe the neglet people have for such innocent sweetness......although he is so loving and sweet hes clean eating well and filling out , is LITTER box trained it took him one day and playfull i love him....he even sleeps on my bed...i spoil him.....not to mention the kids do too......they cant wait to come home from school and play......were so happy hes apart of this fun little family we have!! I think he is too....