Thursday, April 16, 2009

Confessions at its best......

+ sleeping in is my favorite thing to do (good thing my kids are older)

+ i have a severe shopping problem he he.......a new shirt changes my whole mood

+ My kitchen is the only part of my house that has to stay clean

+ i love cats but you prob already know that

+ my kids drive me insane when they are bored, i wanna to run and hide and screem at the top of my lungs but instead i send them out to play......

+ I hate the night time im afraid of the boogie man

+i love pedicures and they have to be painted all the time

+ i text about 3,000 texts a month...chad says its because i have conversations thru texts ha ha well duh! that way they dont hear the kids screeming he he

+ i dont like fast food

+im always cold

+more babies...........sooner than later but not later than sooner !

+ i have trouble sleeping at night.....

+im becoming quite the molly homemaker~i love to cook now

+ i trust to much

+the only thing that interests me at church is the music in the beginning...sorry GOD

+i love date nights

+i write in a journal sometimes...when i remember...

+im super hyper at night right before we go to bed....chads learning to deal with it he he

+i can be very dramatic

+ I love Flowes......all kinds as long as they are BIG and arranged cute.....they make a house feel warm!

+ I have a sweet spot for Jeans and Pictures.......

so for now you get to know me alittle at a its your turn


molly june. said...

"the only thing that intrests me at church is the music in the beginning...sorry GOD"

baHAAA! you crack me up!

The Towes said...

i know! man i always like dose off to sleep when the paster talks my friends are always like " sarah wake up" lol im like dude im praying" ha ha !!

Cory said...

hey you! Didn't even know you had a blog..... congrats on the wedding!!!! You sound very happy! Good for you.

Nelson6 said...

You have always been able to make me laugh Sallys. I'm glad you had a good time on your honeymoon. Our ten year anniversary is coming up and we are trying to figure out what to do... Probably the good ol cabin! Sounds good to me.