Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Pooter

Somehow Chad stumbles accross a video of the pooter (check it out sometime) and i found him crackin up, the next thing i know "The Pooter " comes in the if you know chad and I , you know its all about laughing, messing around , and acting of course we gotsta try it out!

First Stop: Super Target at the 202 and Germaine Rd ( Now the instructions say "practice makes perfect" ha........Diaper no babies yet ...a friend tho...chad attemps too Pooter as he has been practicing all thru out the store and a couple feet away from us a lady and her 3 kids are shopping ..he Poots and its LOUD and it totally sounds like a real fart, (im trying very hard not to look at her or laugh although its very hard and i just wanted to know if she heard

i know you do too...

Yep! she heard and than out came a "OMG" from lady...and i just burst out laughing so did chad as we hurried away down another isle...after that we got a few more looks and laughs but not to bad for Pooters first try....

Saturday, May 30, 2009

April 4th began our dreams......

Wedding night ....Look how sweet my baby is......

See my shoes........cute

Got me a Harley........

pretty it

Two became One.....

My Topper is kissing a Frog..

pretty table flowers

A walk it out..

Kisses for the bride

Amanda and I looking all ya

Yeah we are cute...n stuff

Love this shot

The sunset was amazing..

Gotta love the sea-ster! More pictures up on my FB

Check them out and take a peek

Honeymoon Excitement..

I was really scared here! It went all black
and than Roar!!!! (i kept telling myself "Its all fake")

Again this was a 12 story drop...where did my stomach go??

Yeah we faked it!

Cheers .........Sarah

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Changes.....n stuff

Change has never been my favorite thing.....i guess you can say i like living in that box that keeps me comfortable and safe.......
You know the one I'm talking about that when i got divorced i thought I was damaged goods and no guy would wanna date me let alone marry me because i had 2 kids living with my parents ha ha (
guess i was wrong huh) so i thought if i could just make this crappy marriage work that at least i was comfortable and safe....ha boy was i wrong .....but that took a lot of stepping out of my box and a lot of tears a lot of phone calls from my dad and friends telling me I will be okay.. I of course made it and stepped out of that box. My new box is Soooooo much better, i have hope, kindness, enduring love, dreams with this box.
So as we come up to the point of what we call 1/2 way thru 2009 life is forcing me to step out of another box which Im quite comfortable in right you can say i wanna drag my heals and say no!!
I have no choice........So Im trusting that God has a plan for this plan thats going down....Starting next week, my husband who makes my box so uplifting and calm will be starting shift work, ya i know...sigh....
Wait it gets better......not only shift work(which ya'll know a set scedural) he will be working grave yards..ugh..
Ya know when he called me and told me he said "Well i have some bad news and some good news about my Job which just a month ago was rumors he might not have a job (who would have thought Gov jobs would have a worry)
for those who dont know he works as a probation officer ..n stuff

So ya the goood news is he has a Job, the bad news is its shift work at a Mental hospital working grave yard shifts......
did i tell you that Im scared of the
boogie man.....aka..(the dark, night time n stuff)
So my box is a little scared right now....thursday-sunday i will be husband less at night.....
i know ill be okay.....just pray for me..
On the other hand Chad my amazing hubby, that I'm so blessed to have is A okay will all this...were just all thankfull he still has a Job to keep up with his wife spending habbits ha!
Just if hes okay...Than i know Ill be okay...Im just sayin....

So now I have another part of my comfortable box to deal with.......Changing school for my lil angel bears.....WE have been at the same Elem now for 3 years!
and we (the children and I..oh and my mom) love this school.....i mean the office lady's know me because I'm always in there when i help out in kids class's or when they call me because i decided that were playin hookie that just sayin...
So now that we live in Gilbert and kids school is in Mesa chad and I have been driving 30 min round trip to take the kids to school and its gotton way old.....So with a few tears...sigh ...we came to the agreement that we will change them next year to
Houston Elem...since its about 5 min round trip......i know i willl be better right???
I will like their office staff too right??
and their teachers too,and the kids will make best friends like they did at Entz..right??
Im most worried for Ashley....She's scared.......who wouldnt be???
So I told her ill be coming to lunch every day with her untill she makes a friend and feels comfortable....oh and recess too!
Im sure the lil Diva will have no prob...but ill make sure she wont.....
I think im having more issues than she is

So 2009 please be kind to me and let me handle these changes before you throw me anymore
Im just sayin.......any suggestions???

Cheers .........Sarah

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Save the Rain Forest.....

What a beauty.......

gotta throw my girl in....look at that smile....

gotta do the funny face...learns that from chad....

do you see the Tail??? Member she was a monkey....

Ashleys 3rd grade class has been working on her Rain forest program for quite sometime now and last friday was her performance .She played a monkey character and did such an awesome Job..I'm so very proud of her......You did such a great Ashley all your hard work ,the way you danced to your song (which i want to download on I tunes ) the way you made your rain forest book and put such effort into it and really took it serious....your such a great student .....getting all A's since they started grading you has been such a big accomplishment for you....With a New school up ahead in your future next year, Houston Elem will adore you as much as Entz does this year! I love you sugar bear with all my bring me so much Joy my lil drama diva!

love mommy!

Cheers .........Sarah

Monday, May 11, 2009


5 things I'm looking forward too

  1. Riding my new bike with the kids
  2. Buying a house this summer
  3. Going on a hott date with my hubby
  4. Going to Oklahoma in July
  5. getting preg soon

5 things I did yesterday

  1. Spend Mothers Day with my mom
  2. Enjoyed The Farm and taking fun pictures
  3. Met chads Aunt and Uncle for the first time
  4. Slept in
  5. watched Celebrity app (go Joan Rivers)

5 things i wish i could do

  1. Get off my booty and work out
  2. Take a trip to New York City its been to long now
  3. Go to Alaska to visit my sister
  4. Keep my house clean
  5. worry less

5 shows i watch

  1. American Idol
  2. Celebrity Apprentice
  3. Desperate housewives (sometimes)
  4. lifetime movie channel
  5. UFC fighting he he

5 friends that will share

  1. Kate
  2. molly (already did)
  3. Charlotte
  4. Melissa
  5. hm not sure the 5th

The Farm at South Mountain

Happy Mothers day........Besides My Bday i must say i enjoy this day as it is directed to all the mommy's, I enjoy the lil presents i get from Ash and B-rad that they make in school...and how they are so excited to give them too me they just cant hardly stand it. Melts my Heart. How my husband does such a good job at totally suprizing me...i dont know how he manages every holiday but it just truly makes me feel so darn ditty special (love you babe). I now own Bride wars he he ive been asking him to rent from Red box for the last few weeks....sunday i came down the stairs to find a card and that movie on the counter top waiting for me as he was off to work already for a few hours...(along with the bike) ...I feel so dang blessed to have such a awesome family, man Im a lucky Chic....So i figured i would let you all in on Our special Day......

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Hubby lovers me.....

Look what i got for Mommy's day! Isn't she stinking cute??? Ive been on this need to exercize kick and ya im not one of the gym freaks..sorry so ive been walking with the baby n.... stuff ..( no im not doing it to loose any of my 115 ponds of me, just wanna tone) so the other day my kids begged me to go on a bike ride..ha dont have a bike....chad said i could take his but i was afraid i would he bought me my own......I sware this man is too sweet to me......every holiday i am completly suprized on what he gets me .......Doesnt take much to get me to smile.....I'm just sayin......I love you baby!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Its Disney Time........October 2010

Chad and I have decided to start planning for Our next Vacation.......taking the kids on a 7 day Disney Cruise October........7 full days of FUN! Disney shows, yummy food, a trip to Orando again, since we dock out of COCO beach.....although im a little scared since the Titanic didnt make it...but i think Im gonna go out on a wim and DO IT..and if I dont make it back at least I died on the best place on earth ship.....he he

ahhhhhh.......makes my heart glad.....

My beauty

my lil man

t he car in ORLANDO "praise Jesus"

Chad and I will still be rocking when were 80

look at their faces! ahhh priceless....

OMG! Antonia is precious!

Have you ever saw something that just made you Grin???? All i can say is God Is Good!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I just didnt realize how fun Orlando Fl could really be........besides the whole DISNEY tada's.....its a great state...and by the grace of GOD we only had 1 day of humidity (which was monday because it was rainy) but lucky we were on rides the 3 times it decided to down pour he he ..i enjoyed watching people running for dry cover.....but tues -sunday was hot and 85*all week...God is Good......The first day we went to Disneyland......Ah one of my favorite theme parks of all times.....tues was Animal Kingdom and disney Universal Studios...yes 2 parks in one day .......thats what Park hopper pass's will do....wednesday was Epcot( besides Disney is a great park!!! just loved walking around that park.....such good food and 7 diff countrys to walk thru with that food and people from those countrys.....china town was my ashley some gifts from there as she just got done with a huge project studying China......thursay was break day.........ah...being couch potaoes all day......and Friday was Universal Studios that chad won us from super bowl all parks were free...........sat was beach day and downtown Disney for the 4th time and down town Orlando and visiting Casey Anthonys home and where they found her daughters body..chads a huge follower of her.........and we left sunday......It was a great trip and as i said before FLORIDA is a great state!! Love you husband of mine!!!
PS...a slide show is at the bottom of my bloggie!!! Enjoy!!