Thursday, May 7, 2009

Its Disney Time........October 2010

Chad and I have decided to start planning for Our next Vacation.......taking the kids on a 7 day Disney Cruise October........7 full days of FUN! Disney shows, yummy food, a trip to Orando again, since we dock out of COCO beach.....although im a little scared since the Titanic didnt make it...but i think Im gonna go out on a wim and DO IT..and if I dont make it back at least I died on the best place on earth ship.....he he


Mom/Grammie P said...

Wow.. very inviting picture Sarah. Makes me want to take the Disney Cruise too :)Great idea to start planning and saving now... Also very nice to have something so wonderful to look forward to. Do the kids know? I don't know if they could contain their excitement for an entire year :)
Aunt Pam

The Towes said...

ha ha we haven't told them yet! yeah its really cool you can pay a monthly payment until your trip and than its all paid off......were thrilled..