Monday, May 11, 2009


5 things I'm looking forward too

  1. Riding my new bike with the kids
  2. Buying a house this summer
  3. Going on a hott date with my hubby
  4. Going to Oklahoma in July
  5. getting preg soon

5 things I did yesterday

  1. Spend Mothers Day with my mom
  2. Enjoyed The Farm and taking fun pictures
  3. Met chads Aunt and Uncle for the first time
  4. Slept in
  5. watched Celebrity app (go Joan Rivers)

5 things i wish i could do

  1. Get off my booty and work out
  2. Take a trip to New York City its been to long now
  3. Go to Alaska to visit my sister
  4. Keep my house clean
  5. worry less

5 shows i watch

  1. American Idol
  2. Celebrity Apprentice
  3. Desperate housewives (sometimes)
  4. lifetime movie channel
  5. UFC fighting he he

5 friends that will share

  1. Kate
  2. molly (already did)
  3. Charlotte
  4. Melissa
  5. hm not sure the 5th

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