Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Magical Maker

Another story of our life as we know it now.........

After lots and lots of thinking about what i would wanna do as far as making money and having fun while doing it...ive decided i wanna learn Photography!! I love taking pictures, i love capturing those sweet moments that take my breath can tell a story about someones life and you can have memories forever.....So my mission is starting with a passion and a love.... Im ready to make something magical.......

Monday, January 26, 2009

where all the happiness begins~

Out with the old in with the New!!!!

Theres something bout' organization that gives me that jittery feeling ya know the kind you get when you start dating someone you really like for the first time and you get all those warm feelings like your on top of the world....ya that's the feeling i get when i organize something thats long over due!!! So as a girl, clothes are one of my favorite things to buy~ Word! So i find myself every morning getting quite bummed when all i see in my closet is a big GIANT mess, clothes shoved every which way so that when i pull out a shirt 10 come with it kinda mess....So when kids were in bed by 8 i started my mission. Vince says everytime i organize he has a hard time finding stuff,"im so so sorry baby, but here we go again!!" he will live right?? Were talking cleaning up the mess and makin it organized how can he possibly get mad??? ha..... so first i:

  • take every hanger that doesnt have an artical of clothing on it and throw it on my bed(kids in back ground asking what all the noise is he he)

  • than i put all short sleeves together, long sleeves , and sweatshirt/jackets and thats a rack all by itself as you all know mama is always COLD!!

  • Than i remove all the unwanted clothes that just doesnt have a place in my heart anymore~sorry!!! place them on the floor to be bagged up and givin to the goodwill!

  • Jeans have there own rack as they have to stand alone because jeans have something about them when i put a pair on i get this Cinderella feeling and i start dancing ha ha~ i love Jeans!!

and there you go! its finished! Oh my its so pretty i can see what i have.....mama needs to go shopping i just got rid of half of my closet...gosta ask vince for that plastic thing he pays on every month...its calling my name!!!! ha ha

Now Vinces side got all shoved together...that will be another day dont worry love its all taken care of!

Antonia ~how could you not fall in love???

shes such a button! I bought her the pants!!!

Vince looks so cute in this pic!!!

......and we have a sence of humor n stuff........

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,but by the moments that take our breath away~

Im sure you can tell what ashley dressed herself in can you see whats bradley's shorts are??? and yes this was one of the two's idea....think its the one in pink lol

Never send a man to the store for AKA Aunt Flo products

Well every women knows that once a month unless we are pregger, going thru menopause or you got your women parts cut out get a visit from Aunt flo every month typically around the 30 day mark .........for me i have to set out some towels and make sure her bed is nice and tighty or she stays longer than id like her too...... Im particular about the kind of products i like to use.........Im a playtex girl for the plugs and a Kotex girl no wings please for the mouse matress's. Normal flow and please no over nights!!!! Id raTher not ware a boat dock at night..........OMG im out and hubby to be is on his way home from work...."oh darling" i say " were not having a baby this month because AUnt FLo has arrived and im all out of fillers...could you please stop by Walgreens and pick up flo's stuff"?......"sure" he says as thats what he always replies with. "what kind do you want" wow he knows theres different kinds??? So i tell him.......when he arrives home he does buy the playtex correctly and does by the Kotex OVER NIGHTS boat dock maxi pads!!!!!!!!!! oops!!! i start laughing out loud as i open up the indivisual pad andshow him how GIGANTIC it is.......and he laughs too!!!! Lets just say the pad starts at the top of the Bippy bone and ends at the top of my bootay!!! yeah real attractive its prob the size of my foot i think ill do my own shopping next time...but he bought me one extra lil treat a sloppy wet kiss after all!!!! love you baby

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Vince!!!

We are very blessed to have such great peoples in our life.......i have to thank my AUnt Lorie for creating an amazing Save The Date invite for us created on Photo shop! which my lovely bought me for xmas so we now can make fun photos!!! My aunts b friend cheryl who took our wedding pictures for nothing at the kindness of her heart.... the picture taking process was a dang blast Gina!!! My aunt has some amazing property that we used for our background.....see facebook for pictures!! SO...........cheryl (photo lady) which i fell in love with right away such a great lady nicknamed chad....VINCE she said he looked like a vince so thats what she was going to call him while we took pictures!! It was the cutest thing she would say "oh vince put your arm around her waist, oh vince do this do that" we would just laugh it was so funny!! she made it so fun for us!!! We are so thankful for her......i wished she lived in AZ so she could do my if you hear me refer to chad as Vince you now know where that came from...