Monday, January 5, 2009

My Vince!!!

We are very blessed to have such great peoples in our life.......i have to thank my AUnt Lorie for creating an amazing Save The Date invite for us created on Photo shop! which my lovely bought me for xmas so we now can make fun photos!!! My aunts b friend cheryl who took our wedding pictures for nothing at the kindness of her heart.... the picture taking process was a dang blast Gina!!! My aunt has some amazing property that we used for our background.....see facebook for pictures!! SO...........cheryl (photo lady) which i fell in love with right away such a great lady nicknamed chad....VINCE she said he looked like a vince so thats what she was going to call him while we took pictures!! It was the cutest thing she would say "oh vince put your arm around her waist, oh vince do this do that" we would just laugh it was so funny!! she made it so fun for us!!! We are so thankful for her......i wished she lived in AZ so she could do my if you hear me refer to chad as Vince you now know where that came from...

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