Monday, August 4, 2008

Canyon Lake Fun!

Well for the first time all summer , my dad mentioned that they were going out on there boat and if Chad , me and the kids wanted to come we could! So i decided that since the weather was hott enough and i wouldnt get cold he he that we would go and have a fun day! We were having a great time . The water was a lil cooler than i would have liked but i used the raft to sunbath and watch the boys climb the shores of no return lol . Than we decided to have a lil fun on our outting and blow up the inner Tube! First the kids took turns and of course they loved it! there lil smiling faces as the water splashed in there faces. Than Chad and I went together that was fun too than chad decided he would go buy himself and that gave me the idea as well, When i got on chad said to me "babe im gonna take some pictures because u aren't gonna be on very long anyways". The moment he said that i thought to myself! OH ya! watch me!! So there we went! I was doing so good! A couple time the inner tube was standing up horizontal and i thought i was off but by my grip of death it didnt and i stayed on! My dad stopped the boat a couple times and asked if i was done and i thought to myself ( I havent been out all summer Im taking advantage of this fun!) So we kept going! By this time Ive been on the tube prob a good 25 minutes i think as they were getting faster and faster they were trying to get me off! i was still holding on dodgeing all those wake waves but as we turned the corner the raft hit a wake that yep threw me off1 I hit that water so hard that when i came up (yes i was waring alife jacket) i couldnt breath! i thought i was gonna die! I forgot i had the life jacket on all i was thinking about was tht i couldnt breath! My dad turned the boat around so quick and i heard him asking "are you okay" i was saying no but could barly hear my voice telling him that! i started to panic! chad saw me struggling and since he just finished his EMT class he knew what to do! He told me to breath lol I was trying but i couldnt! he said by hitting the water so hard i got the wind knocked out of me! My hero saved me and got me back in the boat! I was hurting for all that fun! As i sat there still trying to get my breathing back in order my ribs started to throb and i knew something was wrong! As I started to Cry we decided that our boating trip was over! As more time went by the more the more pain i was in! Chad asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital but not a big fan of hospitals i passed! I cried because it hurt but i got some Advil's in me and coping with the pain. Still a week later Im still in pain. We figured out I bruised my ribs and they will have to heal all by themselves1 So I take my advils each day and hope that they get better soon because bowling starts in a couple weeks and chads dad said that there going from the winning team to the looosing team because of me lol i guess now ill have to show him who's tough!!!!

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