Monday, January 26, 2009

Never send a man to the store for AKA Aunt Flo products

Well every women knows that once a month unless we are pregger, going thru menopause or you got your women parts cut out get a visit from Aunt flo every month typically around the 30 day mark .........for me i have to set out some towels and make sure her bed is nice and tighty or she stays longer than id like her too...... Im particular about the kind of products i like to use.........Im a playtex girl for the plugs and a Kotex girl no wings please for the mouse matress's. Normal flow and please no over nights!!!! Id raTher not ware a boat dock at night..........OMG im out and hubby to be is on his way home from work...."oh darling" i say " were not having a baby this month because AUnt FLo has arrived and im all out of fillers...could you please stop by Walgreens and pick up flo's stuff"?......"sure" he says as thats what he always replies with. "what kind do you want" wow he knows theres different kinds??? So i tell him.......when he arrives home he does buy the playtex correctly and does by the Kotex OVER NIGHTS boat dock maxi pads!!!!!!!!!! oops!!! i start laughing out loud as i open up the indivisual pad andshow him how GIGANTIC it is.......and he laughs too!!!! Lets just say the pad starts at the top of the Bippy bone and ends at the top of my bootay!!! yeah real attractive its prob the size of my foot i think ill do my own shopping next time...but he bought me one extra lil treat a sloppy wet kiss after all!!!! love you baby

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