Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Exciting Changes

{shhhhhh dont tell}

Sleepy a lot
Sleepless nights
stretching pains (please no stretch marks )
knowing theres a baby in my tummy
December 2nd doc apt
Not too sick .....yet!
shaky if i dont eat (thats a first because I'm not a food lover)
kids kissing baby goodbye

I cant wait for my Doc apt....3 weeeeeeeeeks
and to start feeling you inside me....
such an amazing feeling i must say
God Is Good..


The Porter's said...

Are you pregnant? That is so so very exciting. Congrats!

The Towes said...

Yes we are ..its till a secret tho cuz not all our familys know yet so shhhhh..but i wanted to blog ha

Colburns said...

YAY for you guys we are so excited for you, you deserve this sooo much!

The Towes said...

Thanks Charlotte..we are thrilled! God has blessed us ! xo