Sunday, November 7, 2010

Today I'm thankful for.....New Beginnings

Today Im thankful for :

Lazy days,
 telling my kids they are getting a brother or sister sometime beginning of July,
(shh its a secret to FACEBOOK if you see this...dont congrad me on their plz)
Their reaction- and how sweet it was,
me crying when i tell them , because all those long months, wanting a baby so bad has finally happened,
Kids playing video games in my bed snuggling against me,
Chad kissing my tummy when ever he leaves,
Sleepless nights already...BOO
not feeling so good, and feeling like i cant get enough to eat...

Im so excited for these next 36 weeks...
Dear Jesus:
Please Keep my baby safe, healthy and protected in this belly of mine
Im already in love with you baby...
i promise to eat yummy food and only have
starbucks a few times !

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