Monday, July 20, 2009

God has New Changes in me......

Ive been convicted and after drifting away from Church and all the good it brings. A friend has been bragging about how awesome her church i told my self i have Saturdays to sleep in God needs me to come to his house on Sunday and give a little back since he has blessed me in so many ways.....I grew up going to Church every sunday and i want that for my kids as well.....When i told the kids about my plan for trying a new church they gave me the look like are you serious! SO i told them were gonna have fun and its all about trying new things, and hey "you might just like it"......SO we tried Cornerstone of Chandler.....and the Kids Zone was awesome looking...Kids went to worship and i carried on into the main center.......the greeter sat me in the front row (maybe she new it was gonna be a great concert and ive always wanted front row seating ) ha ha.....The music was great! I love how you can get so involved in the music and feel the love of Jesus in the room....i thought to myself "it feels so good to be home" the message was great as well and for the first time i didnt get bored in church....I know this is the beginning of some New Changes in Me! Cuz i do need a lil help being:

  • More understanding to others
  • less judgemental =(
  • not getting upset when things dont go MY WAY ha
  • love more
  • pray more
  • know that not everythings gonnabe perfect
  • Talk more about how awesome Jesus is to others

I know Jesus has special plans for me, that its all a learning process and that its a fun ride in between.....Thank you Trudy for the invite! After church wheni picked up the kids from their classes i asked them how it was and they both said" Mom can we please come back next week! It was so fun!!! We even made friends" All I can say is GOD IS GOOD! The Pastor asked us "what is means to be a christian??? He said being a christian isnt about coming to church every sunday....being a christian means telling others about GOD! wow i love that!

LOve always~



Melissa Miller said...

This is very true and I am so glad and proud of you for going!!! Even if its not where I go!! LOL :) I love you to pieces!!

KerbyGang said...

I feel like this should have a thumbs up like Facebook does, so I can click on it! lol! good for you! Keep going, it'll enrich your life!