Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ashley's GOLDEN birthday!!! 10 years!

I remember everyday i was pregnant with you...I found out about 5 weeks along...senior in high school...what a surprise! About 7-8 weeks along i was puking my guts out....feeling like i was going to die!!! I tried diff drugs but nothing seemed to! I remember the first time i felt you kick i was 14 weeks along a little flutter, i remember the feeling in my heart that you gave me....i just loved you! Dr Weary was your Doctor oh how i loved were concieved in Arizona but i moved you to Colorado Springs..Gram and Pop wanted you close by! Daddy and I made a bet on what sex you were gonna be! I so knew you were a girl and he so was hoping for a boy! So we bet a months worth of back massages and at 18weeks and 3 days it was confirmed that you were a GIRL!!!! I think I screemed a lil loud as the nurse jumped! hehe Oh all the girly stuff i had in mind for you...I now look at pictures and the maternity clothes were a bit ugly ha ha but baby Gap and Gymboree were mine and Grams favorite shops for you! I was pretty much sick thru my whole pregancy and about 28 weeks along you were thinking you wanted to meet me! What????
Yep! You landed me in the hospital for a whole week! I was 80% effaced and 2 cm dialated! Say what?? SO yes we were a bit worried! The Doc gave me a sterroid shot for your lungs and i grew hair on my chest! ha jk. but somehow you decided to stay in....accually you decided that when my due date came on Dec 6th you werent ready....i was sopose to be on bed rest but that only lasted a couple weeks! Im a bit ADD ha! So the doc induced me !! well accually i kinda went into labor on the 9th but he submitted me and you were born on the 10th at 2:46pm after 3 hours of pushing! Thanks for that!! I never saw such a more beautiful baby!!! Myheart sank when i saw you! you were 8pounds 4ounces! i still dont know how you came out but you did! by the help of a vacume! you had double chins, theighs, and the cutest lil fat cheeks ever!!! you were pissed and surely let everyone know! Thank you for making my life so blessed by being you!!! your so smart and loveable and caring and you just love me to peices as i love every lil inch of you!!! Plz stop growing up!!! YOu will never know how much joy you have brought to my life Ashley Noelle! I love you!!!

Love Mommy!!!!


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BossFamilia said...

oh honey that was so sweet!! We just love little miss Ash!!