Sunday, January 3, 2010

A fresh start....God is real

I woke up this morning running late wondering if i would make it to church on time.....than i heard Gods voice saying " you better hurry you only have 45 min" hmmm"okay okay I'm up..." I love Cornerstone...Its a great church and i always feel Gods presence when I'm there on Sundays..Today's message leaves me so many things to think about....a little girl from our church that's only 6 years old was diagnosed with a brain tumor 6 months ago..her dad spoke today about how when things happen in our lives that we think we possibly couldn't handle and sometimes we just cant handle..all the pain...tho its when we need to rely on Jesus to heal our pain and our wounded hearts..those of us that have healthy children could never understand those that have to see there child in pain and suffering.....its been 6 months that Kate hasn't left the hospital has been thru 5 rounds of chemo..throwing up high fevers and pain..and yet because we don't see that in our lives we take for granted good health as others suffer daily praying and hoping the Tumor is gone and their baby wont die.....breaks my heart...I begin to think about my my life would be torn apart if one of my babies got cancer.....Kate's parents are strong....

This new year of twenty 10,
I want to stop sweating the small stuff....
(like if my house if perfect let it go...deep breath)
I want to be involved in the community
(help at phx childrens)...
learn to let things go when someone has wronged me. Gods love more
Have my kids start journaling
Eat healthier....
(wait this is gonna have to require me to cook more)
Cook more....
(learn new recipes)
Read thru Mathew, Mark, Luke and John
( i wanna learn how to love people more)
Be more patient
(oh Lord i need a lot of that)
Prayers continue to be Brother was baptized last weekend...he is fresh and his sins have been wiped clean...Hes been off drugs for over a month now and is in a rehab christian based place that has healed more nights of worrying if we are ever going to see him again or get that call...chad has new job opportunities that we are very excited about....time to start trying for baby #3!! We are are healthy and well..(minus the colds that have been around our house!) 2009 had some great moments...
We welcome Twenty 10
with open arms and new beginnings of Faith, Love and forgiveness!!!

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