Tuesday, March 9, 2010

House Searching...

Have you ever just felt so tired from doing the same thing day after day house after house....Yes! we are house searching..great time to buy with low intrest and house prices but with low house prices comes lots of "Short Sales" and "Forclosers" and" slim pickins on owner agents!" We have looked at soooo many homes and so many "short sales to choose from...blah those take too long...and oh 115 thousand dollars is awesome untill you walk in and its "GUTTED!" I mean I'm so sorry you lost your home and the bank kicked you out but did you really have to take everything with you including the baseboards????......sleepless night on are we ever going to find a home??? No wonder why people stay in their homes so long..because its so not fun trying to find a house you love and at the right price and owner agent ya know reg 30 day escrow! So we think we have found one that we like and hopefully all offers will be excepted and into Escrow we go! Ill keep you posted! Pray for me that i dont loose hope haha!!

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