Saturday, July 17, 2010


Today was a day of Hottness...Started off by leaving my house , Ashleys been wanting her bangs trimmed to the side like some of those newly girl stars everyone loves! Than to Frys to get dinner for us and the Shinns (baby number 4 has arrived! I get so busy with life and the constant flo of everything, the stresses from an X that so loves to be difficult and never ease up! I have a husband that continues to love me with out fail and do everything in his power to make sure i know it, i have worries and anxietys that i battle with daily and when i sit down and read blogs from i cry because i just have to let it all out!!! I could never amagine my life being turned upside down battling the most powerful desease here on earth...Thank you Jesus for the heathly lives you have givin my family and loved ones..thank you for dying on the cross and forgiving my sins! Thank you for telling me to calm my fears and teaching me to love on those who have wronged me, and those who i have wronged, i know theres a few=( sorry! I give all this to you Jesus! Heal my hurt and take my anxietys outta here! My favorite part of my day is at night when my kids are snuggled in bed, i lay next to them and watch them sleep, so peaceful , and i know nothing is better than that!!  GOD IS GOOD TO ME!

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