Monday, August 9, 2010

Hi ho Hi ho its off to school we go....

.Lets just say...i think the kids were a little excited.....Our day started at 6am by my lil loves waking me up...uh what time is it...check the clock.....6am!!!! What on earth are we doing up so early??? Even my girl was up, which all summer she will roll out of bed around 10am...(that was impressive Ash!) We still have 2 whole hrs till we gotta walk across the street hehe..(i not being a morning person, and never has been, waits till the last possible second to rise and shine)...thanks to my sleeping pill...i so happen to be wide awake as in shower other kid dressed, asking me if i need any help....did someone put fairy dust on their pillows??

Needless to say it was a fantastic morning..
i made them pose for me with a lil video of how excited they really were
and please dont let them fool you..

They Both came home and ranted and raved about how the prison( they think school looks like a prison hehe) turned out pretty swell...Both made a friend or 2 and got choc kisses and a note in their lunches from!

Im so Glad your first day was better than you thought it would be
(hence-bradley is my goof ball if you hadnt noticed)


Josh Healy said...

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Rebecca said...

Hi Sarah...thanks for the info on fertility...I am considering some of those's starting to get really frustrating.

Our new puppy is 100% yorkie and the sweetest!

Hope all is well