Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You know its love when....

You catch him , staring other places besides your eyes...

when hes got a great sense of humor

I found myself thinking about the what if's....
Having a husband in Law Enforcements is a scary yet rewarding Job!
A B-friends husbands sisters husband met Jesus a few weeks back to stage 4 brain tumor...
A cop was shot and killed a  month ago
Ive had a few dreams about me talking about how awesome my husband his funeral .
The last few days if i think about my dream , i get panic attacks.
I thought going thru a divorce was a hard thing, but loosing the man that makes my life completely complete is more than i can handle...
the last few days im sure my darling thought i was a bit nutty leaving VM asking if he was okay...(he knows why)
he carries a Gun (because he has too)
thats a scary thing...
he works in areas of town
you just dont walk down...
He wares a bullet proof vest ..

i couldn't imagine sleeping alone, having him takin from me before he gave me all the grey years . I love our weekends together, the house is just a little warmer when hes home..I love how much he loves his job and does everything in his power to protect us..i love that he makes it a point to know his family comes first..always
i love what a hard worker he is...i love his sense of humor..(today putting on my short lounge shorts, while telling me i shrunk his) they did look rather slimming on him i must say..
i love how he tries to make our vacations so fun
Disneyland here we come (next month)
i love how he agrees with me always- wait Im on to him..
i love how hes so attentive and loving to me and the kids, even when hes getting the rolling of the eyes or evil eye...poor step-dadda
i love his smile and the way he looks at me. makes my heart just melt. I  love how hes the most handsome man ever...i know i know we all think that about our loves..i love how he will re arrange his sced to fit mine, i would truly miss every part of him for the rest of my days..
Dear Jesus, please let him stay with me forever

ps..yes baby, even tho i would be so sad your gone i will play "another one bites the dust" at your funeral per your request...
i love you Chad Houston Towe
Plz be safe..

( dont you think he looks handsome in a dress)
Just sayin...

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