Friday, September 2, 2011

Did you like my monkey???


Some day i will soon out grow my sock monkey... but for now we are about the same size... well I am fatter per my mommy.. wink !
Let me just fill you in on how i am enjoying life:

I love to eat (cant you tell???)
I am starting to COO at my mommy and daddy and SMILE...
(my rents think its so presh and sweet....)
I have mastered the pooping out of my diaper thang.. ( you should see their faces when they change me, thats what makes me smile , silly rents (pa-rents)
I am a great sleeper and starting to sleep all night long...
(i think i get extra kisses from MOM for that one ..wink)
I dislike car rides, i mean who likes being strapped down in a carseat anyways-- not me , Im a screamer.. sometimes it works and they pick me up , but sometimes i cry for a long time... sigh!

Other than that I am loving life...
and I love my mommy , daddy, brother and sea-ster so much

love Houston!

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Katy said...

adorable. I ran across your blog today and I love it! ;-)