Friday, March 13, 2009

The bathroom at Hobby LObby!!

Well as its 3 weeks (23 days) till i say "I do".........ive been trying to get the last minute things all squared Ive been making a few trips to Hobby Lobby . The store is amazing and im wondering if maybe thats why Im getting all my headaches ha ha........isles and isles of everything i want to bad i wasnt married to Kenny Chesney......i could buy it all. So because my head wants to continue to torcher me every day Ive been drinking alot of as we all know when you drink any sort of liquids....gotta PEE alot. So of course and soon as me and the baby get to the store ..i gotta we get the cart all situated with her cart cover because cant be having the princess sit on hard "ICK" ha ha i start to look around the store to see where the workers are so they can point me in the direction of the "POTTY" ...i see none!! Im thinking oh great this cant be good. Im strolling up and down each isle practicly holding myself because at this point i gotta pee so bad......finally after 10 isles i find one ...and we happen to be in the side front of the store..she tells me "ALL THE WAY TO THE BACK CORNER SWEETIE" are you serious??? I sure hope i make we finally get to the bathroom and the Handicapt is not available due to a nursing mom.......So we can do 2 things....wait or attemp to hold baby and pee at the same time.....well we had no time to i attemped......un buttoning my pants and holding baby was a trip! but i did it........cuz some how i have 3 hands....pulling down my pants with 1 hand is tricky but hey Im a mom we can do some challenging i do my business and now its time to pull up my pants holding baby again very challenging.....than i just start busrt out laughing because you should have seen me struggling ha ha so i get my pants up exit the stall put Antonia back in baby seat and than finish buttoning my that was fun....hope lady is hanicapt filled her baby up i mean feed your dang baby before you come to the store!!! ha ha.......Thank God i found great deals at hobby lobby made up for my bathroom experience!

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