Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Advice for the Newlyweds

My bridal shower was so fun great Friends and family thru it for me.........heres some advice that they gave to Chad and I for a happy life together, the food was amazing since it was a "Pampered Chef" party!!! Trudy i love you to peices and so excited your doing the food for my wedding......i got everything i wanted and more...over 200 in free hostess credit and almost everything from my wish list!!!! TY friends and family........Always laugh

  • always respect
  • always have patients
  • dont be afraid to be yourself (dont worry im not he he)
  • Notice the little things your spouse does for you
  • never go to bed angry
  • dont forget to kiss on the way out the door
  • always be eachothers best friend
  • affection
  • always say sorry
  • stick to the vows weve made
  • always say"i love you"
  • never go to bed angry
  • have hot sex
  • communication is the key to success
  • say i love you before hanging up the phone
  • dont raise your voices at eachother
  • sex have it often
  • remember the little things...keep dating
  • always be honest with eachother
  • date nights are important
i got lots more these are just a few........and a few pictures for you 2!


KerbyGang said...

That is awesome! It sounds like you had loads of fun! I cannot stress the importance of the hot sex! LOL! I'll add my two cents in: be the FIRST to say "Im sorry." That has saved us many times!

KerbyGang said...

BTW, here is Brianna's (my 10 year old) blog. She makes jewelry for big and little girls. I think you & Ash might like some of these :) I hope it works this time.

Trudy said...

I love you too!! It was a pleasure serving you that day and I can't wait to do the food for your wedding as well!! It will be perfect!