Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thank you for all your LOVE!!

I wanna thank you for these special Girls in my life with helping me with the process of the Wedding invitations........Amanda you are an amazing invitation maker.....and your mommy.....when you called me and told me you were gonna make them for me i was thinking WOW how so very nice that you care that much about me to help a sista out he in love with them they turned out super fantabulous ha ha and everyone that has seen them loves them 2 ..i loveyou girl and so super glad that you are one of me saved mommy a whole heck lots of time stuffing each envelope with all the goodies and i cant wait to have our mommy daughter dance.......i love our talks and love (and kinda scared he he) that you have crushes on boys already .....tho mrs. Young tells me all the sweet things you do in class to make everyone feel special and How you maintain your self an A+ grade average is Super duper rock star!!!! Your so beautiful and caring and a booger to your brother, ha ha but i was too.....and the thought of how your growing up so fast makes tears roll down my cheaks but I know your maturing and have the sweetest heart and i wouldnt change anything about you....Thank you for helping mommy...your the best....... And katers....for helping me tie each ribbon(i sware you tie a better ribbon) and stamp each reply card and envelope and for giving your shoulder when i need it the most.......i truly have the best friends EVER...Thank you!! Oh im so excited your able to be in the wedding now would nt be the same without you!!!


BossFamilia said...

Aw I love you S-dawg! You know I am here for you and I love being able to help out with wedding stuff. My shoulder is always here for you :)
<3 <3 <3

The Kneeland Family said...

to bad you don't live in California. My mom would do the food, and she has three Chocolate fountains. Thanks for posting on my blog. I now know you have one. Congrats on the upcoming wedding. What's the date? Is Aunt Lorie going. I should hitch a ride with her.