Tuesday, February 3, 2009

For you Vince

Dearest Vince~

As i sit here thinking ...about how i will be your wife in just 8 short weeks , i start to feel tingles in my toes ,tickles in my nose and sweet thoughts in my head , about how so lucky i am to have you be mine forever......I heart you!!! All i ask from you is to keep your patients.....even when henry( 75 pound turtle) diggs up the back yard wires because shes trying to stay cool in the dirt or because she manages to get herself up on the deck and knock down the side gate because shes oh so curious.....or because you find rat turds in your bed from Marley having fun roaming thru our covers when you were at work....oops........sorry.....or because i decided to re arrange your whole closet from when you had it all to yourself and its so very hard to find those holy undies...i thru out.....oops did i just say that, or how i try to hide your sleeveless shirts....... or when you come home from a hard day at work and i have a list of honey Do's for you to do... please remmy to smile and dont sweat the small stuff......or when you know that Flo comes to visit every month pretty much around the same time to remember im gonna be her twin sister at first than get really emotional and all im looking for is you to hug and kiss and tell me your sorry you let her stay with us this month youll try harder next month........ do you think that you can manage that love???? Your already doing such a great job keeping up with our hectic life but you make me smile always guyblow he he(grandmas boy movie) .........Im a retard about you-best quote ever........I do I do I do .....................wanna spend the rest of my life with you........heart you for-ev-er!!

Love your sweetie~

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