Thursday, August 13, 2009

Love me some Habbits..

As i was at the market today roaming around picking up the things i needed i realized I am a bit picky in my selections......I only
  • drink smart water and my kids love disani
  • Simply Apple Juice it must be
  • deli turkey plz
  • love me some M&M's for a treat
  • Shamrock 2%
  • organic bananna choc covered frozen treats
  • Starbucks coffee (sometimes)

Than it dawned on me that i have daily habbits too

  • Gotta be at church 30 min before it starts so we can have donuts and sit and chat with the kids
  • kids in bed every night @8ish
  • wednesday date night
  • fb addiction daily
  • no dirty dishes in my sink plz
  • love me some wipe out
  • Fresh and Easy,Fry's & Trader Joes
  • new dinner recipes

are a few of my OCD's, if i had some sort of a memory i could tell you more but for now this is all.....xoxo


colburn's said...

taping yourself is so funny! I loved it! and don't worry about the ocd thing I think it is good to have routines.

Rebecca Frame said...

thanks for the nice comments on my blog...hope your kids are enjoying school.

The Towes said...

Oh i know charlotte i like the way i do things...At least i dont have to stress and everything is organized makes me house have full of love and laughter...and rebecca they seem to be loving school so far and the 2 minute drive is nice!!