Monday, August 24, 2009

Its all about a "GOOD TIME"

Although we told the boys( Bradley and Blake) not to get there shoes wet.....look at a few more pictures and see what happened...

Ashley and brookie

Half body in riding the log! So much for not getting their shoes wet

Dont you just love what God has Created it is pretty awesome!

The Smith Family + Ashley

Cousins are the BEST

Grandma , Allison, Ashley and I

Bradley and I on the boat. Dont you love the Sunset??
My Mom , Me and Ashley at the Grand Canyon 09'
what a view!!!!!
At the last minute thursday afternoon my dad called and asked if we wanted to go to Utah for the weekend to see my grandma (whos not doing so well these days)...Um "yes, we would love to go" SO i have packed 3 pairs of clothes each and Fri mon 4am we were off on our is the fun we had as well as the memories we shared......
Uncle Aaron Surfing behind the boat! what a stud.... and bradley tried as well
Boating was deff a blast although the water was a little cold for me to get into it....We also had the fun of staying at Aaron and Jenny's sat night and man "DOGS" can do tricks...who would have Thunk it???? Im so on the search to find me a cocka-poo...a light brown one too please, and i would love a girl so she can have puppies and i wanna name her Bentleigh...ill post pictures when i find her....moving on we also got to stay at Aaron and Jennys Zion National Park resort house...and hike in ZIon as well.....lots of fun filled days and we all had such a blast....Being with my Grandma was so nice too as were not sure how much longer she will be here...We love you grandma..xoxo
Here comes "lucy"

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BossFamilia said...

Absolutely AWESOME videos, girl! Looks like you had a great time with family :) I am so happy!