Tuesday, September 8, 2009

DO the HOEDOWN......

Pop-it, lock it
Poka-dot it
country fixin,
hip hop hip
Put your arms in the sky,
move side to side,
Jump to the left,
stick it ,
and Slide...
Do the Hoedown!
Ive come to the decision that I'm sick n tired of being tired.
Having NO energy seeing that 2 extra pounds, craving late night choc covered
bannana frozen icecream bars (hehe) that its time to "put my arms in the sky" and PoP IT!
So last night was my first Hoedown on the Treadmil that we have had for about 4 months .... Im
proud of myself 30 min i walked and ran watching "our wedding video" laughing at myself.
This morn i did 20 tummy crunches ---OMG that was wicked....
and..I'm fixing to do 20 more right now and 20 more after dinner before the
Treadmill again tonight..... leg lounges are next im sure my first
few days i wont be able to sit on the crapper very well but
this girl is gonna be getting some sleep
at night! Gonna have s0me MAAAAAD energy and gonna be dancing to the HOEDOWN!
Wish me Luck!!!

1 comment:

BossFamilia said...

You are awesome! I need to get off my bum and exercise too. Darn school for getting in the way =P