Tuesday, May 11, 2010

D-backs v Brewers......

love Dem

Hunter and Bradley

is that my man with the red purse???

Such a fun Mom's day..at the park!

  1. Woke up to cream-of-wheat made for me by my hub(so sweet babe)
  2. did nothing till about 9am (shows you how early i get up ha!)
  3. got ready to go with Rams and lesli to d-backs game
  4. went to game
  5. took funnypictures
  6. left in botton of 7th inning..we got bored
  7. went to in-laws
  8. ate dinner
  9. kissed and snuggled
  10. went to bed

All in all great day..i love the days when its the 4 of us....all day!!

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