Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Night Owl

Ever since i got to be this "stay at home mom" ive become a night owl.. its so nice once the kids have gone to bed to be able to grab my thoughts and run with them..things that are on my TODO list

  • look for paint colors
  • buy flower pots
  • new sectional
  • grass in front yard
  • snail vines lining pool area
  • read my bible
  • pray
  • get preg ( gods teaching me patience)
  • save money~somehow i wish i was a millionaire lol
  • calm down on the OCD
  • stop sweating the small stuff
  • hang out with friends more

i know i have more in my head its just late and i cant think right now....

Things i do late at night:

  • serf the internet..ebay, amazon,fb,gmail
  • look thru pictures of me and chad...i miss him even when hes asleep
  • look at baby names..i have no first name for a baby girl
  • email back friends
  • write chad love notes
  • stock people on fb
  • play on my ipod touch

ya..i live a boring life wouldnt you say..all this time onmy hands haha and for some reason i still wake up at 630 every morn...what happened to 10am...as if! those days are long gone....thats okay i love waking up to fighting kids..and good morn mom! bradleys a lil instigator like his mama!

gnight ya'll

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