Monday, June 6, 2011

The final weeks

4 weeks to go.. as to many it seems so soon as to me a lonnnnnnnnnggggg time..
Braxton hicks contractions hurting worse and worse
Pee'n every 15 minutes day or night
sharp kicks to the bladder making me stop and say "ouch"
My weekly emails from the baby site say baby H is about 5 pounds give or take and 19 inches long
That because there is no room now for floating in my uterus i wont feel as many summer Saults or kicks!
He kicks more! 
Chad and I watch my belly move all over... a few video's for remembrance as hes our LAST...  yep! 
Mama is done! Ill be 31, June 17, 2011 and theres a reason people say have your kids while your young, young like 25 young.. 
Takes a lot out of you ... although i never thru up and only felt crappy for a month, the bigger the belly gets the harder it is to do things I'm used to doing, like putting on panties, yeah thats a site, almost falling over ..
OR.....getting out of bed, bath, pulling up my jeans , yes they are maternity but still, hanging window treatments(requires climbing sometimes)
constipation, although thats under control now
pee'n (oh already said that)
pee'n again
kick to the rib and bladder at same time
no sex life (whoops, my fault)

My Amazing husband has beeen a true trooper ... rubs my back and feet all the time.. always has something sweet to say when he knows I'm having a hard time or day.. We cant wait to meet this WILD monkey!
Lets just hope June flys by as quickly as May did...
Wish me luck!


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