Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Houston's CO-ED shower..

 The awesome dessert table.... homemade "cake pop's" made by my bestie Cheri...

                                                      YES! I did say "homemade, cake pop's "

                                         Yes - i would deff have to agree.. your daddy does rock!
                      Cheri's - lil mini Antonia and her awesome hubster, Dan.. eating her mama's cake pop!
           Cheri- the party planner(aka: bestie)  and my mom and chads mom Patty helped as well.. but we       sucked on the camera shooting, we were having too much fun!!
                                            Amanda, Baby bear, me and Crystal... great friends!
Our baby shower was deff a blast! All the hard work put into it , was amazing !! We got everything we needed, and are ready for baby H appearance on Sunday July 3rd....Thank you Cheri for loving my family so very much! As we love yours right back.. For my Mom and Mom in Law as well..We feel and felt very blessed!


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